First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance | 3101 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia PA 19121 US | 215-769-1275

God is Good                                                                                                                            All is Well

Just to God be True, and He will see you through!

Our Pastor and Family, Overseer Wallace's Family,

Watch Pastors Elder Beverly Speed and Beverly Johnson and family, FCLFD Church Ministries including our Administrators, First Church Family, Our Youth, as well as those away at school and in the Armed Forces.

 Sis Bernice Beaver, Sis Teresa Brim, Bro. Justin Ceaser, Min. Barbara Cunningham, Sis Mildred Harris, Sis Margo Johnson and family, Mother Iris Jiggetts, Min. Matthew Whitfield and family, Sis. Sharon McCoy, Min. Gloria Mitchell, Bro. Julius Patterson, Mother Leola Robinson, Mother Ruth Robinson, Mother Margaret Smith, Sis. Mildred Smith, Sis. Jackie Wherry. Staff and Everything Must Change Recovery Program, School Districts, President Donald Trump, United Nations, and the Peace of Jerusalem. 

72 Hour Prayer Vigil 

The Weekend before the 1st Sunday

Days of Consecration & Prayer

Every Monday and Friday

Corporate Prayer 

Every 1st Saturday from 9:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M

Daily Prayer Hours

‚Äč12:00 A.M.                                 4:00 A.M.                                      12:00 P.M.                                7:00 P.M

The Prayer Corner

First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance Resurrection Ministries International is a church that is based on prayer and fasting.  We believe God has the ability to turn around diseases, hurts, situations, and personal problems.  There is no limit to what our God can do! 

Our Prayer List:

Special Prayer Services: