First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance | 3101 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia PA 19121 US | 215-769-1275

God is Good                                                                                                                            All is Well

Just to God be True, and He will see you through!

 Our History, Our Heritage, Our Journey

     For the past 52 years we have had the privilege of walking with Jesus on the "custom-made" road that God designed specifically for us. First Church is the outgrowth of a ministry to the neighborhood children and their families who cam each Saturday and received the Word of God and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior; this lead to the formation of a church that was to be named the First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance and shepherded by the late Evangelist Rosie J. Wallace.


                                 On Sunday, February 10, 1962 at 1621 North 27th Street in the home of pastor's mother, Mother Lorraine                                            McWilliams, First Church had its humble beginnings.  Overseer was quoted in saying, "Our joy was ecstatic in                                        our knowing that God Almighty has chosen to entrust us with a greater mission-- the of a church, hence we                                          committed ourselves to Him for the purpose"  

                                 In March 1962, Pastor Wallace who had already won acclaim as a world-renowned singer, composer and                                              instrumentalist, formed the First Church Choir.  This choir became one of the nation's finest and recorded                                            scores of songs created by God and penned through Pastor Wallace. This music, written by the inspiration of                                        God, has survived the ever-evolving trends of the last five decades.  


After approximately two years, the church outgrew Mother Mac's home and Pastor was lead to an abandoned garage located at 2914 W. Diamond Street that was in deplorable condition.  Recognizing that this was the will of God, Pastor and a few faithful members set about to make the new home habitable.  This location became our dwelling place for over nineteen years in which we witnessed steady spiritual, numerical and financial growth through the direction, power and demonstration of the

Holy Spirit.  Being led of The Lord, in the summer of 1969, Overseer Wallace led us on another

venture to an untried shore, our First Tent Crusade.  The corner of 31st and Diamond Streets

became the location for the "Battle of the Lord" to be set in array.  For one month, amidst

gang wars, gunshots, storms, power outages and etcetera, we had no need to fight, for the

battle always belonged to The Lord.  Salvation and deliverances were evident.  In the ensuing

years, the crusades continued.  Only eternity can reveal all that was accomplished during the

Tent Crusades.

                            On November 13, 1970 Evangelist Wallace paused briefly to become Mrs. Edward L. Brown.  Bro. Eddie served as                                 the choirmaster for several years, was a phenomenal singer and instrumentalist, and loved using his God-given                                     talents to lift the congregation with worship and praise to God. 1972 chronicled the birth of another venture in

                            ministry, the Harvester's Fellowship.  For the past forty years, we have been introduced to and blessed by ministries                             from all across this nation.  This great gathering is still celebrated each year in the month of August.  


                            In April 1983, we migrated to our present location, 3101-25 Ridge Avenue.  A great part of our church is the Outreach Ministry which is steadily developed and is making a lasting impact in this end-time.  Prayer, consecration and the Word of God is our foundation and we shall not deviate from this.  In the last quarter of 1999, Pastor Wallace-Brown accepted the challenge to call the congregation into a monthly "72-Hour Prayer Vigil" for people and conditions everywhere.  Without a doubt, we can testify that God is truly a prayer answering God.  The words LOVE, FAITH and DELIVERANCE have served as a catalyst that has generated life to the members of the local fellowship and is continuing to minister to others in the Body of Christ via the ministry of The Word, intercession, and the miracles of salvation and healing.  In June 2013, Pastor Wallace was consecrated to the

 office of Overseer and founded Resurrection Ministries International.  While her name may have changed,

Overseer Wallace's love, humility, and dedication to the altar and to souls never faltered. In April 2014,

Overseer appointed Elder Tony Pearson as assistant pastor of the First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance.

On May 23, 2014, our beloved founder and Overseer Rosie Wallace transitioned from labor to reward and is

now resting in the arms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  


Our mandate is to further enhance the vision of impacting the world through intensive ministry to the total

man by the erection of facilities geared to the rehabilitation, motivation, and salvaging of lives yet untouched.

We realized that many are able to "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps" however, there are countless

others who need the intervention of a caring institution to surmount their decadent circumstances.  We

covenant to be there for such as these as we continually call the souls from the north, south, east and west.

As we celebrate this 54th year, we give all the glory and praise to Almighty God for HITHERTO, HAS HE HELPED US!  Our potential is in God's permanence, who God has always been and who God always will be, and our journey continues!