First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance | 3101 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia PA 19121 US | 215-769-1275

God is Good                                                                                                                            All is Well

Just to God be True, and He will see you through!

Pastor's vision for
First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance, 
Resurrection Ministries International

A Lighthouse to the community, nation and the world;

where lives are transformed by the word of God and the power of God

  • Our aim is to guide men, women, boys and girls into accepting Jesus as their savior, to gently nurture their precious souls into a viable relationship with God and prayerfully work to bring salvation, peace and wholeness to every life we encounter.
  • We are totally committed to the Word, will and purpose of God; a church where people find hope, peace, love, joy, restoration, as well as a place of refuge and safety.
  • We are a called out church founded on prayer, consecration and the Word of God, helping people to realize the love of God through action and not only by word.
  • We are a church where the brokenhearted, rejected, lost, down-cast and hopeless find their place in God, and then bring hope to others.
  • We are a church that reaches out to all, no matter what race, nationality or color, where the love of God is the order of the day; for God is love.
  • The Word of God is the final authority, and the only authority. We live and abide by it. We depend wholly on its everlasting truth. We stand upon its everlasting truths throughout trials, struggles and challenges in life.
  • The Holy Spirit is our ultimate guide and our only guide.
  • We build lives, respect each other and love with a fervent love. We see one another through the eyes of our loving, compassionate, caring and thoughtful God.
  • We stand together in love, unity, and peace – building and strengthening one another and being a holy example to one another and the world.

 The vision unfolds...